Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Today’s Iran, A Prostitute Factory!

The last post of www.persianliberals.tk/ was about the atrocity carried out to a 16 year old girl, Atefeh Rajabi, in a small northern city of Iran, called Neka. I saw a piece of news about a research performed by Iran’s Cultural and Censorship ministry which reveals that it is not just the government of Iran which is misogynist but some of the people are worse than the theocratic government.
The Shah’s secular regime did it’s best to eliminate people’s awful misogynist customs and behaviors but appearance of Khomeini and his anti-civilization revolution, destroyed all Shah had achieved.
The research says that more than 41% of husbands in Iran, hurt their wife. “Hurt” is a term used only for physical punishment in Iran’s law. It also says that more than 70% of female children experience hardest psychic annoyances and many of them are also tormented physically. Un-alleged news comes out day after day about a girl’s being raped by his brother or father. It might seem too horrible to believe for a western man but considering that sex is not available for many young single guys living in poor or religious families, the fact which turns the majority of Iranian male youth to fuck thirsty monsters, it can be well understandable that a guy grown up in such circumstance considers female people only objects for his sexual satisfaction, even if the girl is his own sister.
The annoyance the girls take in Iran does not stop to these cases but also many girls are pressured by ultra religious, prejudiced families, chiefly their male members. Fathers, brothers and even grandfathers who are highly sexually disrupted themselves, believe (in many cases rightly) that for a girl to stay virgin and safe until getting married, she should live within certain limits. These limits are unbelievably hard especially from a western point of view. They not only include wearing head scarves whenever in the public, but also in some more prejudiced families, contain things like being obliged to wear the ugly black head to toe veil, called Chador, over the wide body cloth and scarf, whenever the girl wants to get out of house. Talking to men should be limited to the emergency cases. Laughing in the face of young guys, is an unforgivable crime! Many brothers and fathers have killed their sisters and daughters, not necessarily for committing premarital sex, but for using cosmetics or not completely complying the rules mentioned above so that rumors were created about them. Killing a girl for committing liaison may be brutal but how do you feel about killing a girl for there being rumors about her? When it comes to the social status of the family, the girl’s being guilty or innocent does not matter. Even if a girl is raped, she may well be killed, instead of supported, by male family members for removing the cause of disgrace to the family, if she doesn’t end her life by herself.
The same research reveals that more than 50 percent of Iranian girls wish they were boys. Many of these girls living in such ultra religious and prejudiced families, tend to run away from home because due to modern communication devices, they find out about how free and happy are girls in the western countries and fail to accept the old fashioned, brutal customs mentioned above. They run away from home but they find a misogynist society and an ideological government which considers young women as sources of sin and temptation. So they either get caught by the police and after tolerating the worst sorts of humiliation, including virginity tests, (if they are lucky and are not first abused by the sex hungry cops) and then returned to the brutal family, or get attracted to prostitution groups and end up with HIV infection or get killed by a client unwilling to pay money. The other fate for many of these escaping girls is getting hunted by Girl Export mafia. Some un confirmed news says this mafia has links to high place mullahs of the regime itself and that is why the Iranian corrupt police doesn’t do enough to dismantle it. This mafia gathers the ambitious, usually teenager, young girls who have escaped from their home looking for some freedom. These girls cannot make a living from any honorable way because they are not trained for any money making job. That is not only because even highly educated youngsters of poor Iran are unemployed, but also because in the old fashioned culture of the families of these girls, women shouldn’t have a share in making money and their only duty in life is serving the husband, making and keeping children for him. Most of these girls don’t have any skill other than making food, so prostitution is the only possible job for them.
The mafia bands lure these girls telling them they will be taken to foreign countries, chiefly Arab states of Persian gulf and Turkey, to be free and dance and sing and become a star! But they hardly become more than a slut! Iran is a source of prostitute for Arab and Pakistani and Turk Muslim men who don’t get satisfied with their own (sometimes multiple) wives. If Iran had the freedom of Thailand, surely Tehran had the talent to become the capital of sex tourism of Asia instead of Bangkok. But since brothels are illegal according to Islamic law, the increasing number of tormented girls are exported for prostitution to neighboring rich countries. This is all Khomeini’s divine revolt brought to a once richest and strongest nation of the middle east. Today’s Iran, maybe is not a terrorist factory, but it certainly is a prostitute factory.


Monday, August 30, 2004

Executed For Trying to Strip

Just before Iranian nation are celebrating their second and last Olympics gold medal won by Tekwondoo champ Hadi Saai, a 16 year old girl gets executed in northern city of Neka. About her accusation, there are different news told but she allegedly was accused of liaison with a man. The man was beaten 100 strikes of flog and released but the girl, was hanged! She, named Atefeh Rajabi, in August 15th, was prosecuted without having any lawyer. During the court session, she is said to have objected the vote of the Mullah judge, uttered impolite words and even took of some of her clothes. These actions made the judge angry and he is said to have put the rope around her neck by his own hand. The judge is allegedly quoted to say “Execution was more than her right punishment but I did it because of her failure to be polite against the court….” Some sources say this girl was mentally ill and should have been sent to hospital. According to Iran’s current laws, a girl of this age cannot be executed but the judge is said to have changed her age from 16 to 22 in the documents, all because of his personal detesting of her (reminds me of the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dom). The girl is also accused to committing as much as 4 sexual relationships, some of them with women. Some even condemn her of prostitution but none of these charges have been proved. The only proved crime (I don’t consider this as a crime at all) is having some sort of erotic physical contact with the man who was flogged and released. But when a judge wants to kill, no one can stop him in Iran because he has all the means to frame anyone. The most important job Iran’s judiciary, handpicked by leader Khamenei, have carried out in recent years was framing political activists who where against him to corruption, espionage, extra marital sex and even homosexuality. Iran’s judiciary is expert in framing. Just a few weeks ago an important political figure and potential reformist president candidate was accused to bigamy, a charge seriously denied by his wife. He was thrown out of the political activity and for himself to stay out of prison and not be more disgraced, he will never even think of entering politics again, unless in exile. The same thing have been applied to many other supporters and activists of reformists and freedom fighters. The most important one of those framed people was Tehran’s former mayor, Karbaschi. After he supported Khatami in his first term election, he was suddenly arrested in his office and charged for many crimes including financial corruption, mismanagement, betrayal and even moral crimes (extra marital relationship with the opposite sex). He was condemned to 15 years in jail but as soon as he agreed not to do any political activity after release, he was freed and this process didn’t take more than 1 week.
The same thing happened to 6th parliament members who where mostly anti Khamenei and pro democracy. It also happened or was threatened to happen to top people of Khatami’s moderate government(which is no longer moderate as a result). Some of them, after taking up to 18 months of custody and torture,(18 month was the case of Siamak Poorzand) even confessed in TV shows that they have received money from the US and…practiced espionage and betrayal. So that is why I claim Iran’ judiciary is the best at and only at framing innocent people to having committed mostly hated crimes. Then the intelligent service of Khamenei’s Sepah comes into action and tortures the convict enough to make him/her confess the undone crimes.
Looking at all these, discrimination of Atefeh no more seems an strange event. After Atefeh Rajabi’s execution, some extremist newspapers even condemned her, a mentally ill 16 year old girl, of installing a brothel! In the days after the news of the brutal execution broke out in Neka, police forces rushed the streets for deterring any protest. Basij and Ansar militia, in accordance with their commander, Sepah, have mounted billboards and tracts praising the judge and his execution verdict as a way to defend Islamic values! These values have been interpreted to nothing other than killing and torturing by Iranian regime.
Some people say that schoolgirl, Atefeh Rajabi, was so mentally ill that whenever she saw a man in the street, she told “I love him….” . It seems like nymphomania to me.
The Islamic republic murderers, held her on the scaffold about 45 minutes before hanging and nobody was ready to take the rope. No body accepted to take part in such a brutal action, even the monstrous forces of Basij, until the judge himself went up and put the rope around her neck, while tears falling from her tied eyes.
There are a lot more to say about the situation of Iranian girls. About their being smuggled to turkey and Arab states of Persian Gulf for prostitution, about giving them as gifts to Mullahs, about their being murdered by their own fathers and brothers, because of disgraceful actions(these disgraceful actions can be as important as sleeping with a boy and even as unimportant as applying cosmetics to their faces and going to the streets!). keep visiting this blog and you will find out horrible realities about Iranian so called Muslim society.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Iran’s first and last Gold medal in Athens Olympics

Reza Zadeh

Finally Iran won a medal in Athens Olympics. In men’s heavy way weigh lifting, Iran’s Hussein Reza Zadeh won the gold medal with his outstanding presentation last night. He was far ahead of the silver medalist just as he did in Canada’s weight lifting world championship and Sydney Olympics. Not only he improved his own and the world’s record, but he did it so easily as if he was much distant from the peak of his power. When he lifted the 210KG weigh above his head, he still had enough energy to laugh. He was even so happy and unlike the rest of Iranian athletes, friendly with foreign fans that he laughed into their faces and bowed in a sign of deep respect.
A very distinctive point about Reza Zadeh’s weigh lifting is his obsession with crying some Arabic words just before the action. When he came up the stage, he cried Ya Allah ( meaning Oh God!) and just after he touched the weight’s bar, he cried Ya Abolfazl (Oh Abolfazl). The latter words where the same he cried in his début in 2000 Sydney Olympics and just after that he got his first world gold medal. Are these words magic? And who is this Abolfazl? Recall the last post about Shiite’s beliefs and you will see Shiite Muslims have so many deities. Most of these deities are Imams and their relatives and Abolfazl is the brother of highly respected Imam Hussein whose shrine is in Iraq’s Karbala near the one of Imam Hussein.
In Shiite Islam, dead people are believed to be able to affect the living, especially if they are saints like Abolfazl who died (or as they say, martyred) about a thousands of years ago in a battle between the troops of the holy Imam Hussein and the troops of the satanic and heathen Yazid. So his spirit is believed to be friendly with Shiite Iranians and thus help Reza Zadeh win over his non Muslim rivals. It seems stupid to you? It is no more stupid than Italian’s crossing their chests in the sudden death situation of soccer world cup 1994 final or American’s custom of crossing fingers or Christian’s custom of breaking a bottle of Champaign into whatever they want to be protected and safe. At least it boosts the athlete’s morale, doesn’t it?


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why Iraqi youth are pro Moghtada Sadr?

The news of clashes in Najaf have been the most important non-athletic news of international media in recent days. This clashes are created by the 24 year old mullah, Moghtada Sadr, the father of whom was a respected mullah assassinated by Saddam Hussein. Now, the young ambitious mullah is using his late father’s credibility to dismantle the relatively democratic government of Iraq and build an Islamic dictatorship by his own leadership, like the one in Iran. In order to make clear the nature of the conflict, one first needs to clarify some of Shiite beliefs and attitudes. In Shiite Islam, there are as many as 14 saints, 1 prophet Mohammed, 1 his daughter Fatima and 12 her children and grand children who have been given the title of imam in a way like a dynasty. Shiite’s do not stop at this amount of saints but they tend to choose a saint and an imam of their own era from mullahs. Saints in Shiite Islam are said to be incapable of making any mistake. Whatever a saint does, is right and ordered by the God. Some Shiites believe saints have prophet-like relationship with God and so whatever they do is what God wants. This means criticizing these saints is equal to blasphemy and the punishment for blasphemy is death. This belief is the root of Iran’s Islamic republic theocracy. Shiites actually worship these individuals, all of them are male except Fatima, as deities. If the saint mullah is dead, his respect will be tripled because he is said to be connected to God with no medium, in the metaphysical world. Some criticize Shiites, especially the Iranian ones, by calling them corpse worshippers. In Iran, a person can only be looked at as a hero or heroine only after he or she is dead. It is very rare that some poet, artist, writer etc., no matter how popular, be admired while alive. But when these people die, they suddenly become saints and national heroes. Iran is a country of dead heroes and all the Shiite world is almost the same. So when a respected mullah is assassinated by Saddam, he becomes a saint and holy person. That is why this young mullah, Moghtada Sadr, is respected so much in Iraq because he is the sun of the former Sadr and represents his sacredness. In order to worship him like a deity, Shiite people don’t need to see any sign of his wisdom. These people need to have some deity simply because they feel too weak and too ignorant to distinguish between right and wrong by their own logic. And someone linked to a former holy person who due to martyrdom have became twice as holly, Ayatollah Sadr’s son, Moghtada Sadr, is a great choice. Disagreeing this little deity is like disagreeing God!
The situation was exactly the same in the time of Iran’s 1979 revolution. That time, Khomeini was the holly symbol of god and even respected more than the prophet Mohammad himself. Iranian people from the ancient time, like many other Muslims, chant a series of words of respect, called Salawat, (meaning Salutation) whenever they here the name of prophet Mohammad. After the Islamic revolution, Iranian people started to chant this Salawat, 3 times after whenever they heard the name of the so called Imam Khomeini! I.e. only one Salawat for the prophet Mohammad and 3 Salawats for Imam Khomeini! doesn’t it mean respecting Khomeini even more than the prophet?
Now I see the same attitude in the young people following Mughtada Sadr and making chaos, attaching drink bars and ladies clothes shops, harassing ladies who do not were Hijab, and attacking and destroying whatever they consider non-Islamic and western in Najaf and Kufah. The same atrocities were done in the eve of Islamic revolution. Many cinemas and discos and dance clubs have been incinerated, some with the people in them. One such cinema burning event in Abadan took the lives of as much as 700 people at the same time destroying the biggest movie theater Iran have ever had. All these because mullah’s and their extremist followers thought movies shown in cinemas and music played at discos were against Islam! Nest post will be about the links of Mughtada Sadr with Iran’s leadership and why and how Khamenei supports him so much.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Iran's Disasterous Presentation in Olympics

Sure the most important event of these days is the 2004 Summer Olympic games being held in the ancient land of Greece, where it was actually born. This is one of the most important events happening every four years and each and every nation and country in the world prepare themselves to take part in it with their best to either gain those precious colored medals or just act and behave in a way to get more respect for their country. Doing either this or that just follows one thing and that is to buy more respect and pride for your country and nation and it shows itself more when you are not one of those almighty powers in today’s world. The first step of this show is when the world countries teams begin their march in the stadium where the opening ceremony is being held; some nations have worn their traditional costumes and some are dressed in the modern ones. Some walk with dignity and you can see happiness and joy in their faces as they wave at you, some are so overjoyed that show it visually by keep dancing, jumping up and down, laughing, sending kisses and loves for the audience while capturing the events on their handy cams. Some have taken part in this international or rather inter continental event for the first time (no wonder you have never heard the name of their country) and some are the ones who for political reasons or civil wars have missed the last years events and this is their first participation after a long time which in this case Afghanistan is a great example, especially when you see in front of their caravan, these are the ladies dressed in their colored clothing walking and holding the new flag of Afghanistan and you can hear and see how audience are overjoyed by watching them marching them free and they do the same reaction at seeing the Iraqis’ team. BUT, among all these happy and proud teams you can see some sad looking people dressed in moody colored coats and overcoats coming from an ancient land neighboring Greece in the old times making one of those earlier civilizations with a rich culture equall to those of the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese. The name of this country is Iran, being already known as Persia and once was the great Persian Empire. It was really painful to look at these sportsmen and woman who had no joy or happiness in their face, they weren’t even waving or looking at you, you could not even see the pride of belonging to the Persian Civilization. They were just walking them silently and sadly as if they are the only survivors of one of those ancient battles between the Greeks and the Persians where the Persians have lost to the other part. I really was going to cry over this team. But what else did I expect? The Flag bearer of the team was the one who had lost the unheld match to his Israeli rival because the occupying Mullahs of Iran consider Israel an occupying regime taking the Palestinians lands by killing them (!!) so we Mullah’s do not consider Israel a country and we’ll never play with them for the sake of our Palestinian terrorist brothers and joyfully allow the Israelis win the Gold medal for we don’t care a damn for the Iranians pride for the only thing counts here is Islam which we interpret not the nationality which is a royal thing and we are against all those royalties and we are absolutely sorry that we could not destroy Persepolis in our early days of occupying this rich country!! Iran and Israel had always been close friends before the brutal revolution of 1979 where these dear Palestinians supporting Ayatollah Khomeini came to Iran, killed the protesting people and then condemned Shah of slaughtering his own people!!!!!!!!! Israeli people had always respected Iranians because of Cyrus the Great who captured Babylon and set the Jews free. Anyway, this was really an act of treachery done for no acceptable reasons. Another sad point is the flag itself which is created instead of the old magnificent flag of Iran Bearing in its white space a yellow powerful lion holding a sword in its hand while the sun is shining from its behind. They changed the flag to this new ugly one reasoning it was a symbol of kings while this is a symbol of God! Haha, but it was actually a religious flag itself too for the lion stands for Imam Ali in whom Shiite people believe, and this was being used in the Safavid era who were a Shiite dynasty ruling Iran for decades. It is really painful to see a flag as the national symbol of your country while you do not accept it as the REAL Iranian flag. And how you can expect such team be happy when they see other athletes of the rest of the world, poor or rich, black or white, man or woman are taking part with all their best for their governors had indeed spent a lot of money to buy more respect for first themselves and then their country while the Islamic Republic regime wants everything for its own, not the people nor the country and it becomes more painful when your ancient land is rich in resources and worst of all does have OIL wells. No, these young men and woman cannot be happy for they do not have any share of this cake like their own nation who is losing all their things everyday and their pride is the last thing which is going to be robbed of them too, especially when you are in the land of your ancient rival.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Behind the scenes of Iranian Hostage in Iraq

I am sure you have heard about the Iranian diplomat taken hostage by a new unknown militia in Iraq. The abductors are neither Abu Musab Zarqawi’s group, nor Mughtada Sadr’s loyalists, but another group acting the same way, with more nationalistic than Islamic agenda, calling themselves Iraq’s Islamic Army(الجيش الاسلامية العراق). This group abducted some Pakistani workers a few weeks ago and finally obliged them to go back to their country, but did not kill or behead any. Zarqawi’s group acts differently and have beheaded and threatened to beheading several people and forced few armies to leave Iraq. Numerous sources say that Zarqawi and also Najaf young cleric Mughtada Sadr are being supported by Khamenei and his revolutionary guard, Sepah-e-Pasdaran(shortly said Sepah). Let me discuss this issue in another post and now, assume it as true(the proofs will be presented later in this blog.)

This Iranian diplomat, is said to be the consul of Iranian embassy in Karbala. A few months ago, another Iranian embassy worker was assassinated and the act seemed like the ones committed by Moghtada Sadr loyalists. That one was a member of reformist, elected part of the government who are more or less against Khamenei’s demon plans. But the night before last, the report of the abduction of this so called consul, named Fereidoon Jahaani, was broadcasted as a breaking news from all news networks of Persian gulf Arabic states. They said he was abducted by a freedom fighter group in Iraq. After a while, Al Arabia TV, a network owned by Saudi Arabia’s government, showed his passport and several IDs including one with the mark of Sepah-e-Pasdaran, Khamenei’s revolutionary guard which is said to be carrying out many terrorism aiding and sponsoring operations including providing refuge for Alqaeda fugitives, one of whom was said to be responsible for the Riyadh explosion and also Turkey’s Hizbollah members who carried out Istanbul’s deadly blast. So it is almost certain that this abducted man was a Sepah member not only a simple consul and never a member of reformist, election part of Iran’s government. Another evidence is what Keyhan newspaper, a newspaper in Tehran controlled directly by Khamenei, wrote about this abduction. Hussein Shariatmadari, the editor of this newspaper who has close ties with supreme leader and is famous of having access to super secret information and predicting Khamenei’s anti freedom conspiracies with an epic literal, while interviewing a website political journalist, has said: ”we are certain that the abductors of Iranian diplomat have American origin and there are several reasons for that…Islamic republic is the main barrier against America in the region and one of the harshest enemies of Iraq’s occupation [ I would say liberation] by America…” this happens in a circumstance that the same person, when the first Iranian diplomat (who was really a diplomat) was assassinated in Baghdad, remained silent and didn’t try to cry anti America slogans.
Anyone from Sepah in Iraq can be an agent of Khamenei, having an assignment aimed at dismantling the interim government. ( their motivation will be discussed in another post in near future) Sepah, the sponsor of demon Basij, have performed the same brutal operations inside Iran since the late 80s.

Another interesting part of the story is the declaration this Islamic Army made which was far different from terrorist Islamic group’s declarations and was more pro interim government of Iraq than pro radical Islam. The abductor group have said in their declaration: ” Fereidoon Jahani, [the Iranian undercover Sepah agent who was abducted in the way of Baghdad to Karbala] was busy in provoking tribal and religious tensions in Iraq and carrying out actions beyond his duties.” Notice that if Iraqi foreign ministry wanted to publish a declaration, it would use exactly the same sentences! Also another point: Iran’s foreign ministry, in reaction to this abduction, have summoned Iraq’s embassy agent and asked him questions! All the evidence shows that this Iraq’s Islamic Army is not a radical Islamic militia but something created by Iraq’s government to fight Moghtada Sadr and Zarqawi’s terror activities, which Iraqi officials believe are sponsored, if not controlled, by Khamenei and his Sepah. This style of counterattack, gives Iraqi government the possibility to interrogate these agents and make TV shows, convincing the Arab world that Iran is interfering in Iraq and sending terrorists to there.
There is also one more proof that Iraq’s Islamic Army is created by Iraqi government using the rebuilt security organization of Saddam era (Al-Estekhbarat). Remember what Iraqi defense minister told in his interview with July 26th’s Washington Post. After condemning Iran of sending terrorists to Iraq, he said: “we are also able to harvest seeds of death and violence in Tehran….” Now they are combating Khamenei-sent terrorists in their own style. Good luck for them!

New war between Iran and Iraq is to be raged! This time no Iranian national is willing to defend mullah’s demon regime. As freedom fighters and liberals, we wish all this to end in changing of regime in Iran, not mere occupation and humiliation by foreigners as happened in the 8 year war with Saddam, the war which was in part due to madness of the former tyrant mullah of Iran, Khomeini. Now Iranian people have to pay the toll for Khamenei’s madness.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

A King With No Throne!

The son of Iran's toppled king, is the most famous anti-islamic republic activist. He claims to be seeking a democratic Iran and his campaign slogan is "Unity for referendum". It means all dissidents of Iran should become united for eliminating Mullah's regime and after that a referendum should be held to determine the future Iran's ruling system. although his aristocratic nature and undemocratic precedent of kingdom in Iran makes him less than trustable for freedom fighting, but sometimes he makes speeches that really make sence. After all he is the most popular opposition leader among Iranian youth. the following speech is held by him in the worlds economic forum in Switzerland and we believe is a very close demonstration of how Iran of today really is.

Lutry, Switzerland
Reza Pahlavi's speech:Risks of Doing Business with the Islamic Republic

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for having me before such a distinguished gathering of business and political leaders, concerned with the well-being of all people in a rapidly integrating world. I would like to focus my remarks about my homeland on the political and economic risks of dealing with the Islamic Republic. But first an assessment of the current situation in Iran: For seven years, the so-called reformist movement made believe that free and fair elections were the issue in Iran. They ignored the fact that elections are not important where the elected cannot legislate: where they can only propose laws to theologians who embody sovereignty in a theocracy. Six months ago the ruling theologians disqualified prominent reformers from running for Parliament and brought the curtain down on all pretence to democracy. Noting their desperate economic condition, they now want to follow the Chinese economic model, because it is the only one that can work without democracy, or so they think! Of course it is ironic that theocrats could only find godless communism as the example to emulate, but the real problems of copying China lie elsewhere: Decades of social regimentation and strict hierarchy in government provided the Chinese with tools that Iran’s revolutionaries do not have. China’s artificially low exchange rate contrasts against Iran’s, which is propped up by oil income and inflates the cost of domestic production. Social liberalization that normally attends economic take-off is not abhorrent to communist leaders, but it does undermine theocracy. Even these general considerations do not explain the unique and fundamental problems of the Islamic Republic with growth in the age of globalization. To understand these, let us pretend for the moment that we are advising the Islamic Republic on a Direct Foreign Investment project to expand factory capacity, to create employment and produce something saleable in the world – an issue that China deals with every day. The law firm representing such a foreign investor, and its advisors, will be required to answer questions on (1) Clarity and stability of laws, (2) Standards of enforcement, and (3) Reliability of applicable economic data, particularly the costs of doing business in Iran. To satisfy the first requirement, we will have to tell the Islamic Republic it must get rid of conflicting sources of legislation. As I mentioned before, the Islamic Parliament cannot make laws, but only propose them to an unelected Guardian Council that must approve them before they become law. If there is a conflict, it goes to a third authority called the Expediency Council. For years, questions as vital as powers of the President and his cabinet have been stalemated between these bodies, which represents interests of different cliques. To meet the second requirement, we must ask the Islamic Republic to replace religious courts with secular ones. Where a religious judge has the rank of Ayatollah, he can render judgment based on his own “fatwa”, or decree, which is often at variance with the judgment rendered by another court. No court of appeals, no higher authority can change the fatwa of an Ayatollah. For you see, in traditional Shiism, the authority of an Ayatollah is binding on those who choose that particular Ayatollah as a source of emulation. Someone else may choose to follow another Ayatollah with a different opinion on the same subject matter. The system works very well in the personal domains of faith and moral guidance. It wreaks havoc when you bring it into government. How can a business enter contracts when its rights could be judged by one standard, and its obligations by another unpredictable measure? The third requirement requires transparency. This is the Islamic Republic’s worst nightmare. No foreign army scares the Islamic Republic more than KPMG or PWC 1. For you see, close to 70% of Iran’s non-oil Gross Domestic Production is controlled by so-called revolutionary “foundations”. Much like crime syndicates of yesteryears, these economic behemoths operate above fiscal laws and under a blanket of secrecy. The “foundations” grease the friction points between powerful cabals, they subsidize incomes of officers of the regime’s armed repressive apparatus, but above all they distort the national economy beyond any hope of repair. Their more flagrant privileges have ranged from access to foreign exchange at grossly advantageous rates to purchasing factory production at controlled prices, which are often a small fraction of market prices. In the absence of normal audit requirements, no one knows exactly where the “foundations” benefits accrue, but we know one thing: There will never be transparency, as long as the foundations feed Iran’s handful of billionaires and the armed thugs protecting their regime. Now you see the dimensions of our problem advising the Islamic Republic on the requirements of a healthy economy in today’s interconnected world: They have change their founding philosophy of law and sovereignty, they have to secularize the judiciary and lose their leaders’ source of income and base of power. If they accept these changes today, they will be out of power tomorrow! And we have only touched on legal and economic issues. Political risks are even greater: For years the Islamic Republic has earned the number one spot on the US State Department’s list of state sponsors of terror. It has, in fact, been convicted in courts of Germany, France and the US. It is also the closest to becoming a nuclear state. Combine the two and you will see the world’s worst fear, wrapped up in one regime. A short while after his administration imposed trade sanctions on Iran, I had a chance meeting with President Clinton. “We tried everything else, and it didn’t work,” he was reported as saying in that meeting, where I even sensed a muted apology. Remember that this was years before the war on terror defined struggle of this age, and years before Iran acquired advanced centrifuges for producing weapon’s grade uranium, and the polonium used to make the trigger for the atom bomb! Today, unlike their divided stance on Iraq, you may safely conclude that Europe and the US will stand united against the Islamic Republic on terrorism and its nuclear policy. Unlike Iraq, the preferred option is not military, but political and economic pressures – which will not permit Iran to connect to the global economy – even if the philosophy and structure of power in the Islamic Republic allowed it. Let me conclude with two messages, one to the free world’s business community, and the other to their governments. First, before dealing with the clerical regime in Iran impose clear conditions: I ask you not to contribute to the terrorism and the oppression of the Iranian people by helping the “foundations” that pay for that terrorism and that oppression which enrich a few. I ask you not to enter into contracts subject to laws made by divination and interpreted by various theocrats. And even where you do enter agreements, I ask you to insist on standards of transparency currently absent in Iran. Second, my message to Western governments is to demonstrate their unity against the Islamic Republic’s policies in a less mistakable and much more pointed manner. Diluted signals are likely to lead to the nuclearization of the world’s foremost terrorist state. I fear that, at some point, a limited military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities may become inevitable, giving the regime an excuse to fan a nationalist reaction. Considering the fact that Iranians, particularly the young generation, favor the West more than anywhere else in the Islamic world, the military option will be the most unfortunate. It will damage the popular base and natural anchor of an increasingly connected globe in the Islamic world, an outcome that serves no one’s interest but the Islamic Republic. Bear in mind that regimes in trouble with their own people seek foreign enemies. Thanks to developments in Iran’s immediate neighborhood; the Islamic Republic has run out of immediate enemies. Terrorism and nuclearization are the most obvious routes for begetting offshore enemies. The Islamic Republic’s non-territorial definition of their realm as that of the faithful further justifies looking for external enemies. This is an intention that must not acquire capability, ergo the need for a united and clear stand of the free world NOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, together with my compatriots, from the left to the right of the political spectrum, from republicans to monarchists, we are all engaged in the great effort to materialize the Iranian people’s inalienable right to a referendum for determining our future. The clear, united and decisive support of the free world for our human and political rights are all that Iranians need to rise up against this theocracy from the dark ages and rejoin the world as a responsible, free and prosperous nation. My thanks – once again – for your support, and the opportunity to be with you today. [1] The international accounting firm of Price Waterhouse Cooper

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Thank you Japan!

Millions of Iranian’s this evening watched Asian Nations’ soccer tournament final match between Japan and the host of the games, China. Almost all of them wished Japan to win, not only because Japan is a western-like democracy and china is a communist dictatorship from which Iran’s own dictatorship learns techniques of oppression, but also because China never deserved to be the champion. Even reaching the final match after 20 years was much more than this soccer teem deserved. Although China is a medal gathering nation of all global and Asian Olympics, but they have never been good in soccer. Any neutral viewer will easily allege China’s soccer teem didn’t even deserve to come up from quarter finals. Their teem couldn’t beat the war-suffering Iraq teem without the aid of the referees teem and AFC itself which lead to elimination of Iraq’s goalkeeper by a red card and this poor teem didn’t have a reserve keeper so they sent a defender to the goal and so China’s dull offenders could score one goal after another. The same dirty help of the refs was performed in China’s game against Iran and the ref not only failed to show a red card to a behind tackle committed against the legendary Ali Karimi in scoring situation, but also showed a red card to Iranian defender, for touching the chest of the Chinese player. That Chinese, apparently performing a pre-rehearsed show, pretended to be beaten hard and slammed himself toughly to the ground after that simple touch like an understudy would do in a Jacky Chan movie and the ref, who was just freed from a long period of deprivation, instantly showed the red card to Iran’s key player. He also did the same to a reserve player of Iran in the extra time so that no morale would be left for our ultra emotional teem. Don’t need to mention many clear fouls of Chinese players which were deliberately ignored by that Lebanese ref, some in the penalty region.

It is always the same situation in most sports that Iranians have something to say. Due to sponsoring global terrorism and threatening neighboring countries from time to time by Iran’s dictator, our nation is hated by most countries especially well-connected Arabs. That is why we have no say in international organizations like athletic confederations including AFC and it is common event that Iranian athletes’ rights are violated by the refs, especially when the opponent and the benefactor of this violation is the host of the games. That was what happened in Iran-China game of this latest tournament as well as in China-Iraq game. But in today’s evening’s game, Japan, clearly less technical but more organized than Iran, beat China with the solemn result of 3-1. Although the second one of Japan’s goals was clearly scored by hand, but the third goal scored in 91st minute of the game made all doubts clear. Chinese were good in passing and transition and especially great in penalty kicks and developing emotional atmosphere and luring the refs but they had no real scorer. They took the ball to the right place but none of their offenders could put it into the goal. That was why with all dirty tricks they couldn’t win Iran nor in the game itself neither in the extra time but in penalty kicks. So Japan, took our revenge from dishonest host of the games, China. If Iran had as much influence in AFC as Japan does, maybe we could avoid such a corrupt referee in our game with china and meet and easily beat Japan in the final game and be the only Asian teem winning the championship cup more than 3 times! But that is not likely to happen under the terrorist sponsoring mullah’s government, noting that all past 3 times happened frequently at 1968, 1972 and 1976 tournaments, all before 1979 Islamic Revolution which cut Iran’s chain of championship in many things including soccer. After all, soccer is a western game and has nothing to do with theocratic values of mullah’s regime!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Sanctions only make Mullahs laugh!

New evidence comes out one after another that Iran’s leader, Khamenei, is sturdy in accessing atomic bomb. From underground news sources, I heard that in a secret meeting of him with high authorities of the unelected part of the government, he told: “look at DPRK! They are located beside one of the greatest economic powers of the world, south Korea, America is practicing conspiracies against them every single day, people are starved to death but yet their government survives. The government treats the nation like dulls and animals but nobody protests the violation of human rights there. All this is due to few atomic warheads and bombs. This is exactly why we should keep our enrichment programs till we reach a certain confidant point in defending our revolution and government, and for this period we need Mohammed Khatami’s pretence of moderateness for about 2 more years….”

This speech was held in an ultra-secret meeting about 2 years ago and the news of it have leaked via some members of the unelected part of the government who didn’t like Khamenei’s doctrine and though they informed respected Persian blogger and international journalist, Ali Reza Nourizadeh ( http://www.nourizadeh.com/ ) about it. So you see all the evidence shows Islamic republic government is very close to testing it’s first nuclear weapon. If these crazy natured mullahs gain atomic weapon, not only Israel will be in real danger, but also all Arab states near Persian gulf who are friendly with America will be unsafe. A top military commander in Iran, Zolghadr, once threatened that if America does any military action against Iran, Iran’s army will retaliate by attacking and putting into fire all petroleum reservoirs of Persian gulf and it’s Arab states. This intimidation and Khamenei’s intimidation to promote terror against any state who opposes his so called Islamic government, have proved useful because British forces in Iraq did not dare to force Iran’s Sepah forces out of Iraqi borders.

Rumors come that Israel is planning to perform a series of destructive air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities like what he did to Saddam’s before the nuclear fuel is delivered. Some say the Israelis will delay this until after America’s presidential election. Some sources also say Israelis, besotted by success in taking out Yasin and Rantisi, plan to simultaneously assassinate Lebanon’s Hizbollah leader, Hasan Nasrollah and some of Iran’s top clerics. If this happens anyway, with a little intervention from the American army and Iranian dissident militias can easily lead to elimination of Islamic republic. Dictatorship governments are dependent on individuals not nation or system. At most, 10 percent of Iran’s population may miss Khamenei should he die and the rest will celebrate any such event. Many of the people who supported Khomeini’s Islamic revolt, now oppose Khamenei’s government. Some of them even express regret. Also many of the current political prisoners are of the same cadre and used to be radical anti shah- pro Khomeini activists but now condemn Khamenei to warping the right path of Islamic revolution and betraying the martyrs’ blood. Few people feel any sympathy for their being tortured and assassinated in prisons because they were themselves oppressing people and depriving them from freedom in Khomeini’s era.

Iran’s atomic file is in it’s way to security council but what will this council do? At it’s best it will impose some new sanctions to Iran. These sanctions how ever have no effect on the action of a dictatorship government. They only make Iran’s poor people poorer and hence more ignorant. Our governors don’t care what people want and how poor they are. The Islamic revolution was from it’s very beginning anti-welfare and anti-prosperity because the poorer the people are, the more ignorant they will be and the more they will listen to mullahs’ nonintellectual agenda. In order to win Iran, western governments should win the hearts of it’s people or the result will be something like 1979 anti-US revolt. In order to win their hearts, you need not to deprive this nation from knowledge and information. What Iranian nation needs to help it come back to the civilized world and say goodbye to terrorism supporter mullah’s is information, entertainment, fashion and all things which destroy the anti-pleasure theocratic values. By making us poorer, you only make our youngsters more prone to volunteering for suicide bombing! Sanctions will do no good to America and no bad to mullahs either. Instead of sanctions, provide us with better information sources. Amplify the budgets of Iranian exile dissidents’ Persian media so every body in his/her TV or radio can here their voice. Let our nation know what monsters mullahs really are. Stop American and European companies from selling internet filtering and parasite wave producing devices to Iran’s government. If you want to sanction Iran, sanction it only in the case of military. If you keep our nation in food and information famine, it will only be good for making Iran another terrorist factory. I am personally in favor of any attack to my country ’s nuclear facilities because these facilities don’t do any good for nation. We don’t need nuclear bomb or weapon industry but rather we need lucrative job producing industries like Automotive. So this is what all Persian liberals say: please attack our soil but don’t sanction our nation!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11's other message

Michael Moore’s anti-Bush controversial movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, Regardless of it’s antiwar and anti-Bush nature, sends us another message. That is America’s media is the most free in the world so that such an ugly director can condemn the highest person of the government to worst atrocities and not go to jail for it. No one can even imagine making a film against highest authority in Iran. Hashem Aghajari, a well known university professor and former political activist, Anti-Shah fighter and soldier who have lost a leg defending the so called Islamic Revolutionary values, was condemned to death just because saying something against Mullahs. Note that he didn’t say anything opposed to supreme leader, Khamenei, but rather about Mullahs as a whole and was condemned to death! (although the verdict was converted after the appeal) So much for making a movie! Many writers who have written books, poetry or stories sarcastically opposing Khamenei, were slaughtered in the so called Chain Murders by unknown agents of that day’s Information Ministry and yet the only one put into jail for those brutal crimes is the attorney of the murdered people’s families, Naser Zarafshan. So I tell you American people, the biggest evidence Mr. Michael Moore is lying about Bush being an evil person, is his movie and that after making such a movie, he is still alive and is not killed like Britain’s David Kelly!. What do you think?

Monday, August 02, 2004

About Iran's Ancient Religion

A reader once asked about Zaratustran, Iran's preislam religion. I accidentaly found this article, so I publish it for you but still main concern of this blog is present time events.

Persian HeritageSummer 2004 Zarathustrian ethics & culturehttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/english/pages/yourheritage.html Dari, Spoken Language of Iranian Zoroastrianshttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/english/pages/yourheritage5.html Brahms & Schubert interpret Persian Poetryhttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/english/pages/yourheritage5.html Great Iranian Philosophershttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/english/pages/yourheritage2.htmlArab lies about our historyhttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/english/pages/p17.htmlOld article, yet still relevanthttp://www.persian-heritage.com/currentissue/Issues/no34/farsi/pages/farsi23.htmlArran's name-changing gamehttp://www.iraninstitute.org/iran/1383/830506/special4.htm#s355026Parthian potteries unearthed in Ardebilhttp://www.payvand.com/news/04/jul/1241.htmlNew book:Persian words for Persian SpeakersBy Dr. Zartosht AzadiPhone: 714-572-9606Email: amuzeshkadeh@yahoo.com