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No Real Muslim Left In Iran

Iran’s government, is the last theocracy left in the world. Our mullah leaders claim to lead the whole Shite(A minority branch of Islam in which Muslims of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon believe) world, if not the whole Islam world. Many of their followers believe that Imam Mahdi (Shite’s holly last imam believed to have apparition near the apocalypse) is based in Iran. Some even call Iran, imam Mahdi’s territory. The basic creed of Ayatollah Khomeini, the late founder of Islamic republic was that ruling is the right of god and no human being, elected or unelected, has the right to own it, except he is selected by Allah. This divine selection can be direct (as in the case of the prophets) or in direct (as in the case of imams and leaders of Islamic republic). With this creed, Khomeini discredited all ruling systems in the world, except his own Walaiah, calling them Taghout(الطاغوت), a Koran-derived word meaning a satanic ruling system.

Not only Iran is now the only country ruled by a medieval theocracy, having clergy members as authorities, but also it is the only place Islamic rules like Hijab and Islamic brutal punishments like flogging, dismembering and stone-throwing are enforced on people. Don’t tell me Arabia has the same circumstance because there are basic differences between Arabia and Iran, which are the subject of this article. Arabia is a country with uneducated, prejudiced and misogynist people, mostly having jobs of commerce and trade. Due to great money they earn from oil and Haj (Muslims’ pilgrimage in Mecca), those people don’t need to work hard in order to have the most comfortable lives in the Muslim world. Men do trade and practice polygamy, the only fun allowed in radical Islam and women, don’t have any right or requirement to get educated more than a certain limit and have jobs. Almost all Arabia women are housewives, doing nothing more than serving husband and producing and average number of about 5 kids in life. The government is pro-western and interested in reforming the big traditional defects in Arabia society but it cannot face the harsh bias of the people over their tradition, the nation whose majority are supporters and worshippers of Usama Bin Ladin. All this doesn’t make Arabia’s government a theocracy. Although Saudi leadership is definitely a dictatorship, but it is a secular one, ruling the country based on what people believe not based on what is written in Koran. however, these two ways coincide in Arabia.

But situation inn Iran is totally different. Islam has no place in the hearts of people, especially young ones born after 1979 revolution. Our government is a dictatorship theocracy which enforces Islamic rules by means of oppression and menace. Just have a look at Tehran’s streets and you will notice most of the girls wear their obligatory scarves in such a reluctant way, covering the smallest portion of their heads. Even the force of fathers and brothers is no more enough for obliging girls to wear Hijab, many of them don’t believe in it either. Although premarital sex is still highly denounced by Iranian society, especially women, but few girls comply this rule. Most of the girls have sex in the form of sodomy, in order to prevent loss of virginity, and the others who are wealthier, just do what they like and when found a good rich guy for marriage, perform a vaginal surgery reviving virginity. This specific surgery is banned in Iran but it is performed in underground market and is a simple, lucrative business for surgeons not believing in Islam themselves. The exact same thing applies to abortion. Many women die or get severely injured each year because of trying unhealthy abortion techniques, for not being able to afford the underground medical abortion.

In Iran, you can get anything you want, including wine, porn movies, extramarital sex, even gay relationship but you have to accept the high costs and risks. The risk is not always being caught by the government and being flogged, dismembered or stoned, according to the type of the committed sin, but it can be getting in trouble with the bands who distribute these un-Islamic things. A while ago many youngsters in Shiraz, lost either their life or their vision for drinking unhealthy, home made wine. Any educated person knows that wine’s main constituent is ethanol, which is an edible alcohol and if wine contains some wood alcohol, methanol, can result in death or blindness for the drinker. Since Iranian youth mostly don’t have enough money to pay for the super expensive foreign made whisky and vodka, many try to make wine on their own and the result can be death and blindness for the drinkers. Note that Shiraz, a touristy major city in south Iran, once had the best wine of the middle east and in Iran’s ancient poetry and literature, there are many references to the Wine of Shiraz.

I say all this to conclude unlike what mullahs claim, Iran is the most infidel full Islamic country. The face which our leaders have shown from Islam, is so horrible that most of the young people either don’t believe in Islam or don’t believe in any divine stuff at all. A good measure for the strength of the faith between people is the population of mosques in prayer times. A good mullah, one who believed in separation of religion and estate, once told in a speech in our university that mosques of Istanbul are much more populated than the mosques of Iran, “because in that country Islam have not been tainted by politics and people still believe in it”.

A survey recently performed by national youth organization of Iran, revealed that the more educated the youngsters get in Iran, the less they care about prayer, Islam’s most important daily rituals. Results of these kind’s of surveys are not easy to publish in Iran and this one’s publication was due to Khatami’s reformist government.

A few days ago, it was Ramadan, Muslims’ holy month of fasting. In previous years, when Ramadan, it was harshly prohibited to eat in the public before the dawn and could result in harsh reaction of the people most of whom where fast. But this year, it was totally different as if the majority are not fast now. I ate in the public several times and nobody even looked at me in a bad way. In the college, other guys and galls also explicitly drank water, ate snacks, smocked cigarettes, flirted together (things banned in fasting) as is something called Ramadan and Islamic values never existed. Even sandwich shops did not bother to cover their walls, a rule which even cops don’t have motivation to enforce it.

No matter how much mullahs try to pretend Iranian people have faith on Islam, I , having seen many other Islamic nations in which there is no obligatory Hijab or fasting or low against drinking alcohol or…, but there are a lot more real Muslims than Iran. Iranian people obey Islamic rules only fearing the government. As the case of the girls, this fear can be imparted by their male family members, should they have a conventional family. I have recently had a girlfriend who wore chador, the most radical form of Hijab. She did it not for believing in Islam but because of the pressure enforced on her by her family. I say that because I went to a movie theatre with her and at that dark place, we did every thing except seeing the movie, i.e. sexually oriented things. Later I found out that most girls and boys use movie theaters for the same reason, to have erotic massage! A chador-wearing girl from a very religious family being so much obsessed with extramarital sex that she touched me at our first visit, means a lot to me, that nobody the majority of Iranian youth, especially the ones having academic education, have such a weak faith for Islam that they don’t even bother to abstain biggest sins as liaison. So one can say there is no religion or faith in Iran. All that exists in some of Iranians is pretence to religion and pretence to faith.

This might be in contrary with what pretended with Iranian media. Because media in Iran is controlled by the theocratic government, it tries it’s best to anoint Iranian youth as the most innocent and faithful to Islam. Both because one of the Islamic creeds is that presentation of the sins leads to development of them throughout the society, thus it is better to conceal sins and defects of the society so that more people are not motivated to surrendering temptation to that particular sin. This is enough in contrary with freedom of press, but another motivation for this pretence is that people’s being faithful to Islam means their being faithful to mullahs and it sends a message to the west, particularly American leading liberator coalition, not to think about democratizing Iran. So when the government controlled media tries to show Iranian girls, if it is TV, they use their best tricks to find girls with complete Hijab, existing 1 in thousand in Iranian streets. If the pres is a magazine or still image, the Hijab can be created for the women present in the image with Adobe Photoshop. Recently i had a letter from a news photographer working for Iranian media, telling that he had never been able to show the true face of Iran’s streets in his photos because if the Hijab of women in the pictures is not completed with Photoshop or other photo handling means, the images are not allowed to be published. The girls you see in Iranian official TV or in magazines are not the girls you see in the streets. Some websites published photos taken with mobile phones from the real style of dressing of Iranian girls but during the latest wave of police attacks to ISPs and webmasters, all of them got effaced.

So aye American troops! You are very welcomed here because nobody believes in Islamic stuff which would lead to giving up his life for killing you.

Happy Christmas after all!



Blogger AMDG said...

It is nearly unbelievable what you tell us.

You hate Islam more than me. I only hate it becuase it does not respect others´ believes, but I think it is good that muslims are moderate muslims and believe in God. I think we can live all together nicely. My children may marry your children and will decide by themselves on their beliefs.

By the way, there is a grape called Shyraz that is supposed to come from that city. Great wine.

All the best for Iran.

March 27, 2005 at 3:38 AM  

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