Tuesday, January 25, 2005

vote for iranian to be miss canada again!

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Hope everybody doing well, Farnoush Goshtasbi (no. 25) is one of the 49 delegates for Miss Universe Canada 2005. I would appreciate it if you could please go online and vote for her.


Till January 25, you can vote up to five times from same computer

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About Farnoush: Farnoush is a graduate of the University of Calgary where she completed a double major degree, obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce in Business as well as a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics. She was also one of ten students selected to go to Santiago, Chile to represent her University. She worked as an English teacher for children in Gumi, Korea, where she learned the martial art form of Taekwondo and successfully received a black belt.
In the past year she has managed her family's restaurant and will use this experience to complete one of her goals in life - owning her own restaurant. She would also like to become a physiotherapist.
Interests: Farnoush enjoys cultural dancing including belly dancing and Indo Jazz. She speaks Farsi, Gujarati, and conversational Hindi, Spanish, and French.

Monday, January 10, 2005

It's All About Fuck!

Recently, International Human rights watchdog declared that the bloggers that have testified about their being tortured have received death threats from Tehran’s notorious general prosecutor, Saeid Mortazavi, the same man who is believed to have killed Canadian-Iranian journalist, Zahra Kazemi.
These young bloggers, some of them also journalists, used to write stuff against Islamic republic in their internet weblogs and have been arrested a few months ago. During an inquiry carried out by Mr. Abtahi, enforcer of constitution assigned by the moderate president Khatami, some of them testified that they have been tortured, beaten and threatened to give some false confessions. One of them even complained about her nose being broken. What were these confessions which they were tortured to sign? Some where about expressing condemnations against some reformist activists, accusing them of encouraging them to write those stuff against Islamic Republic ideology or criticizing/insulting the sacred supreme leader. It might be strange for westerners that people are jailed, tortured and even executed just for insulting officials in Iran but that is exactly how a dictatorship survives.
The rest of the charges were all about fuck. boys where forced to confess of having illegitimate sexual relationship. Since these people have been under custody and torture for long periods of time, the corrupted judiciary had to present a good reason for these atrocities and it was to charge them with liaison, one of the biggest sins in Islam. This way, their status would also be damaged specially for their readers who sometimes excess the readers of legal political magazines.
The girl who was between them was also forced to confess charges about fuck! She claimed to be forced to sign a paper saying that she has had sexual relationship with Abtahi and Tajzadeh, another former reformist politician. Fortunately she agreed to have her nose broken but not accept those charges.
As said before, extramarital sex is a big sin an a very hated practice in Iranian/Islamic culture. But since most youngsters don’t have the possibility of marriage, mostly because of poverty and unemployment, few people really believe and practice this rule. I, as a single 22 year old university student, am not virgin, and none my friends are. Girls are still more cautious about their physical virginity and being none as a clean girl, so they mostly let boys in only from behind(anus) and are ingenious in secrecy and hiding their identity but since they have much less other pleasure than boys and thus they need the stuff more than us, I can estimate than in our own university no girl is really virgin when she graduates. But when you ask her has she ever had a boyfriend, she says, “no, never. I don’t like boyfriend…”
So the common practice is to fuck secretly but to be a Saint Virgin Mary officially. A while ago, a film of a private girl’s party in Zahedan, an east south city of Iran, was distributed and publicized in the underground market. I haven’t seen that film but whatever it was, it lead some of those girls present at the party to attempt suicide. Many brothers, although themselves exercisers of liaison, kill their sister when they doubt she had committed premarital sex. A boy and a girl where expelled from Azad university of Dezful because of kissing each other. Considering how difficult is that to enter university in Iran, one might well judge what a harsh punishment is that for something in most parts of the world is not a crime at all. After all there is no real place for such things in Iran, I mean no love hotel and couples cannot enter hotel without showing documentation proving they are married.
Having known how much hated and yet common is premarital sex in Iran, it is a good charge to disrepute political rivals of supreme leader Khamenei’s supporters. Recently, a former culture minister, Mohajerani, who was a very renowned and respected reformist and a potential winner of upcoming presidential election was accused to extramarital sex and bigamy. He quickly lost all his popularity and charisma with this unproved charge that he even closed his website and never appeared in public and stopped all his political activities since then. The same acts of moral(sexual) accusations were also applied on a few other reformists, including former Tehran mayor, Karbaschi and former fiery parliament member, Armin but the charges didn’t materialize for them. Before, Khamenei’s mafia removed political rivals with murdering them, including people like Ali Reza Nouri, Rahman Dadman, and Saeid Hajjarian the last one survived the terror attempt but was paralyzed due to neural damages done to his cord by the bullet. The method of charging with fuck is much more efficient. It will not result in international condemnation of Islamic republic but will politically kill the activist/rival.
Iranian nation is not yet enough civilized to understand that the bedroom behavior has nothing to do with political understanding or liability for leading of some person. So in order to remove your rival from the scene of political process, just find one of the millions of prostitutes and pay her to claim to have been married to or have had sex with the guy. Bigamy, although legally allowed, is disgusted by the public and accusations to that also works very well. So it’s all about fuck isn’t it? If you don’t agree with me about extramarital sex’s being so common in Iran, just have a look at the following pictures of a fetus found in Tehran’s Vali Asr Street very recently.