Tuesday, January 25, 2005

vote for iranian to be miss canada again!

Hi there,

Hope everybody doing well, Farnoush Goshtasbi (no. 25) is one of the 49 delegates for Miss Universe Canada 2005. I would appreciate it if you could please go online and vote for her.


Till January 25, you can vote up to five times from same computer

Have a great day,

About Farnoush: Farnoush is a graduate of the University of Calgary where she completed a double major degree, obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce in Business as well as a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics. She was also one of ten students selected to go to Santiago, Chile to represent her University. She worked as an English teacher for children in Gumi, Korea, where she learned the martial art form of Taekwondo and successfully received a black belt.
In the past year she has managed her family's restaurant and will use this experience to complete one of her goals in life - owning her own restaurant. She would also like to become a physiotherapist.
Interests: Farnoush enjoys cultural dancing including belly dancing and Indo Jazz. She speaks Farsi, Gujarati, and conversational Hindi, Spanish, and French.


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