Saturday, May 06, 2006

Interview of Iran's exile prince with BBC

"BBC World Service> >> > The Interview with Reza Pahlavi> >> > As part of a special week of programming about Iran on BBC WorldService,> this week's guest on The Interview is the son of the last Shah of Iran,Reza> Pahlavi.> >> > Born into a life of privilege and heir to one of the most powerfulthrones> in the world, Reza Pahlavi had his life torn apart by the Islamicrevolution> of 1979 and his family hounded into exile.> >> > Since then he's based himself in the United States and dedicated hislife> to campaigning for democracy in Iran.> >> > And as he tells Owen Bennett-Jones he thinks that right now thefractious> opposition in exile is finally uniting behind the common cause ofdemocracy> and human rights.> >> > Reza Pahlavi is reluctant to talk about the past and says he is lookingto> the future but he admits that his best memories are from his childhoodback> in Iran."> >> > ---------> >> > To listen to 'The Interview':> >> >> >> >> > Please forward this information to friends and family.


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